The Fair

The “Centenarian September Fair” is a trade fair that takes place every year in the streets surrounding Our Lady’s Sanctuary in the town of Alzate Brianza, coinciding with the religious festivity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Nativity, the 8th of September.



Thr Fair is organized by the Council together with a volunteers committee, and it isn’t only one of the most important events for the town, but it’s one of the most important livestock fair in Lombardy.


 The Fair gets for several years the sponsorship by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Regional Council of Lombardy , the province of Como and the Chamber of Commerce of Como.



Despite the economic difficulties, the Council wanted organize the trade fair, this years, for the following reasons:

-      It is one of the most important rural fair in Como;

-      It is an opportunity for promotion and growth for local industries;

-      It is an important activity that can contribute to the economic development of the municipality and also of the province;

-      It is an opportunity for integration between the palces of economic and cultural production;

-      It value the local resources, promoting also local tuorism;

-      People’s interest is evidenced by the thousands of visitors, especially in the livestock fair area.